March 2015: Snow, Ice & Envelope Performance: Design Considerations to Avoid Dangerous Falling Ice!

From: Pushing the Envelope Canada - A publication of the Ontario Building Envelope Council

Mike Carter and Roman Stangl contribute to the Spring 2015 addition of Pushing the Envelope Canada: A publication of the Ontario Building Envelope Council


Article Description:

Falling ice and snow from tall buildings are hazards and their risk can be reduced during the design stage.  While some buildings are designed to safeguard against snow and ice, the accumulation and life cycle of ice and snow on a building facade can be complex and all the risks need to be fully evaluated and understood.
For example, during design, it is important to understand how proposed building geometries, curtain walls or facades and roofs will perform in the context of the climate, microclimate and statistically relevant winter precipitation.
Most importantly, in urban sites where pedestrians are next to buildings, the increasing impact of storm severity and modern design treads are leading to the need for designers to understand the microclimate facade interaction and the impact of design decisions regarding facade winter performance.

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